How Well Is Your Business Covered? 35 Critical HR Processes

How has your company addressed these critical processes?

1.) Identify the human resources (HR) risks, opportunities, and costs within your company

2.) Create job descriptions

3.) Define hiring procedures

4.) Develop forms and tools for various HR actions

5.) Conduct skills testing and background checks

6.) Conduct pre-hire physicals

7.) Create new employee documents

8.) Maintain and retain personnel files

9.) Design and conduct employee onboarding programs

10.) Create a system for employee suggestions

11.) Manage time and attendance

12.) Handle overtime requests and authorizations

13.) Determine overtime exemption status

14.) Develop and implement performance improvement processes

15.) Manage poor performance, behavior issues, and discipline

16.) Create off-boarding processes and termination procedures

17.) Process family and medical leaves and other time off programs

18.) Manage accommodation requests

19.) Handle complaints and work conflicts

20.) Investigate wrongful conduct

21.) Manage home-based workers and telecommuting issues

22.) Manage independent contractors, contingent workers and other “joint employee” arrangements

23.) Manage requests for transfer, demotion, or promotion

24.) Develop and manage total compensation programs

25.) Design and implement recruiting programs

26.) Create employee handbooks

27.) Create and implement strategies for increased employee engagement

28.) Create ethics and work behavior policies

29.) Develop team building programs

30.) Develop and conduct compliance, leadership, and management training

31.) Conduct employee climate surveys and develop action plans based on the feedback

32.) Conduct HR audits and determine risk mitigation plans

33.) Implement strategic HR processes and tools

34.) Manage workers’ compensation administration and reporting requirements

35. Provide on-demand guidance from experienced HR professionals

For assistance with these and other HR processes, contact the professionals at Congruity: (844) 247-4100.

Compliant and efficient human resources policies and procedures are critical to an employers success and longevity. They are the principles and guidelines they follow to achieve business goals and protect themselves from time-consuming and costly lawsuits.

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