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Without any doubt, you've noticed the changing needs of your clients. Business owners today seek an integrated approach to the services they receive from their agency partner; and ignoring this trend may provide an opening for others to intrude upon the relationships you’ve worked so hard to maintain. 


ADP and Paychex now own insurance agencies; and are actively marketing P&C and Health products in every market in the country. Last year alone, they wrote 35,000 workers’ compensation policies! With that, if your customers outsource their payroll function; chances are they are being solicited to consider a move away from you.

One Star Agents is here to help.

Packaged in a convenient, easy-to-navigate platform in the cloud, and accessible any-time, via any-device - One Star Agents gives you everything you need to compete directly with ADP & Paychex; and deliver industry-leading payroll, human resources and more to your clients.

Program Features & Benefits

  • Retention of Agent of Record status

  • Fully-Vetted solution provider

  • Optional white-label branding 

  • Lucrative, residual compensation structure 

  • Quarterly production bonuses / giveaways 

  • Broad acceptance of responsible risk profiles

  • No volume requirements

  • Easy-to-use online submission portal

  • High proposal-to-client closing ratio

Program Features For Your Agency.

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Program Features For Your Clients.

  • All-In-One HR Technology Platform

  • Payroll & Tax Administration 

  • Labor Management / Time & Attendance

  • Human Resources & Compliance

  • Employee Benefits & Benefit Administration

  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation Ins.

  • Safety & Risk Management

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Understanding PEO vs. ASO Differences.

Although your clients can choose which model (and related services) make the most sense for them - the following table compares the primary differences between our PEO (co-employment) and ASO (traditional employment) options:


Does Your Agency Have Energy Sector Clients?

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