Congruity HR

When there's congruity, things fit together in a way that makes sense.


Congruity HR provides a full suite of benefits and benefits administration services to our clients.

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It has never been harder to be an employer than it is today, given the complex and dynamic legislative and regulatory environment.

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HR Services

Our human resource delivery team matches the people-skills of HR professionals with the strategic savvy of legal professionals.

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Using today’s top technology and strict process disciplines, Congruity HR provides payroll processing and tax administration services.

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Workers' Comp

Congruity HR provides a full suite of services to improve our client’s risk experience, leveraging our well-established partnerships within this sector.

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The Congruity Advantage

Congruity HR helps our clients succeed by allowing them focus on their core competencies. We help you keep your attention on maintaining and growing your bottom line, while we assume responsibility and liability for compliance to state and federal regulations. In many cases, we help businesses reduce employee expenses significantly, while providing superior service for both employer and employees.

Strengthen your business with our suite of human resource solutions. We deliver payroll and benefits services with unparalleled expertise, offered through our network of broker partners.

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